About Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a non-invasive way of muscle testing and monitoring through PKP educational biogenetic model. It identifies the elements that inhibit the body’s natural healing processes – relieving pain, stress, muscular and nervous imbalances, detecting sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies. Kinesiology assists with psychological and learning disabilities, stimulates natural internal energies and releases the untapped potential of the individual.

Professional Kinesiology Practitioners study all aspects of the body from the biomechanics, to the neuroscience, physical, nutritional, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of treating clients.

Kinesiology works through the balance and harmonious interaction of three factors that comprise the ‘Triad of Health’ (Physiological, Psychological, and Anatomical) defined by George Goodheart a chiropractor and founder of Kinesiology.

Health and well-being is restored through using a specific protocol that will have tested up using finger modes which will direct the practitioner to do the necessary protocol to create a balance in the body using the clients muscles. Utilising alternative healing methods, this profound practice delves into the core of the problem and explores the underlying symptoms to identify imbalances in your system, by testing the the functions and strength of muscles and measuring their energy changes. The kinesiologist determines the structural , chemical and emotional conditions that may require particular attention and energy balancing.

Professional kinesiology is not in anyway connected to the field of medical science and does not involve diagnostics and treatment of diseases. However, it can complement conventional medicine. If necessary kinesiologists will refer clients to medical practitioners or specialists for clients that might have psychiatric problems or diseases.

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