Contact Me

For more information or to secure a booking with me please contact the following:

Secure a booking at my clinic in the Docklands, Melbourne.

1904, 1 Yarra Point, Point Park Crescent, Docklands, Victoria 3008. Australia


Kinesiology clients please email:

Reiki clients please email:

NeoLife Supplement clients please email:

Or call: +61 (0)439 630 302


12 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. After several treatments of kinesiology I felt more balanced physically and psychologically . I found Petra to be both professional and intuitive . I have gained a lot from the service and would recommend to anyone .

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  2. Petra really knows her stuff and made me feel so comfortable when I did my very first session of kinesiology with her. It was a wonderful experience to feel more in tune with myself and get to understand the practice in more detail from Petra. Can’t wait for the next session.


  3. Hi Petra just wanted to say how much I enjoy my Kinesiology sessions with you. I arrive feeling out of sorts and leave feeling wonderful every single time. You are so professional and dedicated, and a complete natural for this work. You certainly know how to bring out the best in me! I wish you every success and cannot recommend you highly enough for anybody needing to restore their body. You get results 🙂


  4. Petra is a great practitioner. She quickly ascertained what was going on and set to work to resolve it. She made me feel at ease and added a little humour too. Thanks Petra for a wonderful session, I’d highly recommend Petra to anyone.


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