Contact Me

For more information or to secure a booking with me please contact the following:

Secure a booking at my clinic in the Docklands, Melbourne.

1904, 1 Yarra Point, Point Park Crescent, Docklands, Victoria 3008. Australia


Kinesiology clients please email:

Reiki clients please email:

NeoLife Supplement clients please email:

Or call: +61 (0)439 630 302


9 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. After several treatments of kinesiology I felt more balanced physically and psychologically . I found Petra to be both professional and intuitive . I have gained a lot from the service and would recommend to anyone .

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  2. Petra really knows her stuff and made me feel so comfortable when I did my very first session of kinesiology with her. It was a wonderful experience to feel more in tune with myself and get to understand the practice in more detail from Petra. Can’t wait for the next session.


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